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Since the dawn of civilization, architecture has been the art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other structures for human habitation.

Aside from the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the physical design of the building, the planning component is when the designer incorporates the use, function, and needs of the inhabitants of the building project and produces workable and effective construction plans and specifications. The architectural planner must also have extensive knowledge of all requirements of and secure the approval of all state and local governmental agencies  e.g. planning commission, zoning commission, building department, etc. that control the use and occupancy of the project being designed and all applicable building codes and standards that control how the project is to be constructed.

During litigation, the architectural design, planning, project documents, and project management constituents are scrutinized to determine whether they have met the criteria of reasonably expected aspects of function, use, constructability, code and standards compliance and the avoidance of defective design and construction.

All professionals at MPGroup have extensive expertise with architectural design, planning, building codes, building code standards, project management, and peer review.

Master plan


Every building, structure, and complex is the product of careful architectural planning and attention to detail. Since the building process includes numerous guidelines, various processes and input from multiple parties, an organized approach to planning is essential in producing successful results.

With this fact in mind, Archi Studio offers professional architectural planning services backed by more than three decades of experience in the industry.

Geoff AERIAL VIEW 2 2a

Planning and visualization


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

VR/AR/MR are the next steps in the evolution of communicating architecture and design. They allow their users to get lost in and even interact with future environments and see them in lifelike situations.

Most importantly the app is a cost-efficient way to make decisions and changes throughout the designs process compared to real life adjustments. We are not only harvesting but creating kick-ass technology.

Our dedicated research and development team are constantly working on solutions that will not only benefit our partners, our workflow, but helping the whole industry. To immerse yourself and try our VR products and visualizations,

Still Images

Architectural visualization still image is a glimpse into the yet-to-be-built future.

We use artistic tools to consciously build convincing, detailed images to be powerful tools on your hands while pitching to a client or applying for a competition.

Large-scale or small, aerial or ground view, exterior or interior, we use the same, effective approach to perfectly match and communicate outstanding architectural design.

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