Our History & Our Vision



Archi Studio is an architectural practice based in Koh Samui, Thailand that integrates all the elements of Design, Technology and Engineering into elegant, ecological and economic solutions for our clients.  Our company employs an international and multi-disciplinary team focused in the attainment of design excellence, and committed in exploring applications of emerging technologies together with time honoured traditions to find better solutions to contemporary needs.

Running his multi-generational materials engineering and handling family business in Singapore in the late 1980s, our founder Stanley Tang realised at that time that engineered materials in the form of plastics was dominating and would continue to dominate the way we made things in the future. The old sunset industries were all going by the wayside by this tsunami he called the “Plastic Revolution”.

The growth and influence of plastics as an all-powerful material in our daily lives led to the formation of Product Design Industrial (PDI) in the early 1990s. Stanley’s vision that engineered materials will continue to dictate how we design and build things drove his new purpose: to look for more innovative uses for plastics in his material designs, and also to explore new materials that can and will eventually replace plastics.

The technology and knowledge of new material handling and engineering at this time was quite limited, and production of these designs using new materials like carbon fibre and Kevlar was very labour intensive and costly. It wasn’t feasible to produce many of Stanley’s material designs efficiently and economically.

As such, Stanley made the bold step and moved his operations to Thailand, where labour costs were significantly lower than it was in Singapore.

Understanding the importance of technology as an essential tool for his vision to be fulfilled, Stanley has invested and spent many years adapting different technologies to the design, engineering and manufacturing of his material designs.

All this while, Stanley never lost sight of his vision that technology and the technical expertise to fully utilise the technology at hand were the most important tools in his arsenal, and by employing these principles that anything was possible.

Today, after many years of research and development, Stanley has perfected the marriage between technology and material handling, and has created his unique line of Algorithmic Parametric Designs that are the fundamentals in producing his engineered materials line using his proprietary Computer-Integrated Manufacturing process.

The formation of ArchiStudio further extends this philosophy by connecting material engineering with architecture and construction techniques as an important and crucial component of the overall design.

With this matrimony of technology and material engineering in architecture design, there are no boundaries on the possibilities of what Archi Studio can do.

The future of architecture and design is symbiotic with technology and the way materials are engineered.

The next revolution is here today at Archi Studio.