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Archi Studio

Archi Studio Co. Ltd is an architectural practice based in Koh Samui, Thailand that integrates all the elements of Design, Technology and Engineering into elegant, ecological and economic solutions for our clients.  Our company employs an international and multi-disciplined team focused in the attainment of design excellence, and committed in exploring applications of emerging technologies together with time honoured traditions to find better solutions to contemporary needs.

The make-up of Archi Studio consists of 2 separate divisions, Archi Studio and Product Design Industrial (PDI).

Arch Studio handles all service related work pertaining to Architecture Design, Interior Design, Material Design, Furniture Design, Property Development, Construction & Construction Management, and Project Management. Archi Studio’s 5,000 square foot offices and showroom is located on the main commercial stretch in Bophut, Koh Samui.

PDI is the manufacturing and engineering arm of Archi Studio. Product development, product engineering and the manufacturing of our line of Surface Engineering products, Material Engineering products, custom bespoke collection of furniture and custom cabinetry are all done in-house at our state of the art 10,000 square foot facility located on the outskirts of downtown Koh Samui. By having everything done in-house by our highly trained and skilled craftsmen and technicians under the close supervision of our factory and project managers, we ensure that quality is kept at its highest levels and consistency at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Our inspirational designs and ideas comes from the vision and foresight of our founder Stanley Tang and his dedicated team of architects, interior designers and material engineers. Once these designs and ideas are completed, our craftsmen work in tandem with our machine operators and technicians to engineer and produce the final product with care, precision, accuracy and perfection.

The secret to our success is in the utilization of the right combination of craftsmanship and a high level of automation. This allows us to manufacture our products that are not only competitively priced, but also with the highest quality controls and meticulousness only accorded with high-end products and finishes. Here at PDI, we manufacture the majority of our designs utilizing our range of CNC machinery like routers and laser cutters.

When procuring materials, our goal is to primarily only use renewable resources. It is important to us to ensure that these materials not only come from sources that have minimal impact on their ecosystems, but that we also procure these materials from companies that have good manufacturing practices and respect for their employees’ working environments. We only specify materials that are non-toxic, easily recyclable or biodegradable and have an overall low carbon footprint.

A great deal of our effort in controlling our materials’ and products’ environmental impact begins from the idealization and conceptual stages of the design. We define and develop strategies to create sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

We are deeply passionate about safe keeping our environment and changing the behavior of how we build and develop buildings and spaces. Our working legacy is to safeguard the environment and to create a sustainable and maintainable blueprint for our future generations to enjoy.

Our ultimate goal is to build Archi Studio into a useful tool in social and environmental regeneration, which in turn helps to create a higher level of well-being for the Company, our employees, our clients who use our products, and for the planet that allows us to manufacture them.

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