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Koh Samui construction companies, more professional construction companies are flowing in, bringing their knowledge and experience to this developing island, Koh Samui.

Archi Studio, standout from other Koh samui construction companies, through full-service design and build. A construction company that can essentially assist clients from the conception to completion of their construction projects. We provide a viable alternative to the traditional design-bid-build method. This one-stop building experience means shorter total project duration, additional cost savings and eliminating the need for owners to manage day-to-day project activities.

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ConstructionThe Scape

A key advantage offered by Archi Studio is its in-house turnkey service.

We differentiate ourselves through innovation and the ability to add value in both the design and construction phases of projects. Through our in-house capabilities, we have assisted numerous clients in addressing issues critical to project and to implement systems that perform efficiently, meet budgetary requirements and comply with relevant industry regulations.

 Our strong, quality-driven managers along with the in-house forces of skilled craftspeople enable us to self-perform most aspects of projects such as concrete, carpentry, finishing, mechanical and electrical tasks. This means we have close control over the progress of construction projects and can schedule work effectively. We undertake projects of all sizes, and are committed to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer. Repeat business forms a large part of the company’s turnover and we aim to grow this, making us the first choice for tendered, negotiated and partnered opportunities.


What are the advantages of a turnkey contract?


A primary benefit of a turnkey contract is that the solution is ready to use as soon as the project is completed, the client also normally does not pay for the solution until it is finished.

Turnkey responsibility makes the contractor responsible for the quality design and completion of the project or solution. This responsibility gives the buyer peace of mind to know that the developer has an incentive to do the job right. The buyer also does not have to worry about the pressure of making design decisions. Midwest Homes points out that while an initial deposit is common, the buyer does not pay for the full project until completion. A turnkey contract also has a fixed price included in the contract.


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